The Roots of 30x30 in America.

September 2019

A 30x30 resolution using the narrative in the CAP report is filed in the House and the Senate. It is co-sponsored in the Senate by Kamala Harris (currently Vice President of the U.S.) & introduced in the House by Representative Debra Haaland (currently Secretary of the Department of the Interior).

January 27, 2021

How Much Land is 30% of America?

Thirty percent of America's land base is approximately 700 million acres.

The Biden Administration's DOI Fact sheet claims that as of 2021, 12% of the land is permanently protected, or approximately 300 million acres. This includes:

  • National Parks
  • Wilderness Areas
  • Private Lands with Permanent Conservation Easements
  • State Parks
  • Other protected areas

That leaves another 400 million acres they need to protect by 2030.

The claim that we are losing a football field of habitat every 30 seconds in America, if correct, only amounts to potentially 11 million acres being converted by development in ten years.

The question that must be asked is why is the Biden Administration seeking to protect another 400 million acres by 2030?  The crisis they have defined does not add up.

How much land is 400 million acres?  Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts states this best:  It is the equivalent of protecting one state of Nebraska every year for the next nine years, or two states of Texas.

The map above is from the U.S. Geological Survey Gap Analysis Project (GAP), which has been tracking the protected status of our lands for many years.  They categorize the land into four levels depending on the protected status.   The two darkest green colors (GAP 1&2) make up the 12% currently permanently protected as cited in DOI's Fact Sheet.

  • Gap 1 (dark green), are the most protected and include National Parks and Wilderness areas.  
  • Gap 2 (medium green) includes lands considered permanently protected, such as conservation easements in perpetuity on private lands. 
  • Gap 3 (light green) are largely federal lands that are productively used with towns and homestead throughout.  
  • Gap 4, (light grey) are areas with no federal, state or land trust designated protection, or to state this another way, are lands privately owned by productive Americans.  These are where American's grow a significant amount of our food, produce our minerals, fiber and energy, and where we have our homes, schools, church's, and businesses.

First Actions Launching 30x30

American's Fight Back

The Biden Administration Pivots:

Rebrands 30x30 to "America the Beautiful."

Bill Filed to Terminate 30x30

Governor Ricketts Signs EO Protecting Nebraska

What is Behind 30x30? 

An international agenda to permanently protect 50% of the worlds lands and oceans.

This report attempts to set a scientific basis for the 30 x 30 agenda.

The "Half Earth" agenda launched by E.O Wilson seeks to permanently protect 50 percent of the world's lands and oceans in their natural state.

September 22, 2021, the IUCN World Conservation Congress Adopted Resolution 101, the 30 x 30 agenda. But this resolution also calls on all nations to work towards protecting 70 percent of the worlds lands.

How you can help stop the Land Grab.

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Pass the Opposition Resolution

Educate your elected officials, Associations, and community leaders, and pass the resolution opposing 30x30.