Republican Senators Call for
NEPA Study on 30x30

Praise for the Senator's Action

Commissioner Tom Jankovsky, Garfield County, Colorado

"Garfield County supports the request by Senator Cramer and his colleagues to enact NEPA concerning the 30x30 program. The 30x30 is a programmatic change for the lands of the United States and will require a thorough environmental analysis."

Craig Rucker, President, CFACT

“Locking up a third of America’s land as a nature preserve, which is essentially what the 30x30 initiative hopes to achieve, will have devastating consequences on businesses, communities, and private citizens alike. It is hard to envision that if a NEPA study were done correctly, as the Senators are requesting, it would in any way find grounds for this ill-conceived, reckless policy initiative to proceed onward. It needs to be kickstarted immediately!"

James Taylor, President, Heartland Institute

“Locking up the American people’s land under the guise of fighting global warming is nonsensical, counter-productive, and an assault on rural America. This great land can remain free only if the people themselves own the vast majority of the land. With government control of our lands comes government oppression. Moreover, the American people themselves, rather than government, are the best caretakers of their land. When government gets involved, neglect, corruption, and mismanagement invariably follow.”

Margaret Byfield, Executive Director, American Stewards of Liberty

“We are deeply appreciative the Senators have taken this action to require accountability and transparency from the Biden Administration on 30x30. The Administration is side-stepping the very law America’s landowners must comply with to produce our nation’s food, fiber, minerals and energy. If the Administration is certain we are in a crisis and our lands must be protected, then they should not fear the outcome of a NEPA study. We are very thankful to Senator Cramer for his leadership on this vital issue.”

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts

Issues Executive Order to Stop 30 x 30

Governors and States AG's Oppose 30 x 30

Counties Opposed the 30 x 30 Program

Passed Resolutions

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US Representatives & Senators Opposed

Co-sponsors of "30 x 30 Termination Act"

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