Dear President Biden:

The undersigned associations, state and local elected officials, counties and special districts, and American citizens call on you to discontinue all activities implementing the international 30x30 initiative (aka “America the Beautiful”).

There is no Congressional or constitutional basis that authorizes the implementation of this program, nor has any been cited by your Administration. Nevertheless, you continue to take aggressive action, using federal dollars and regulatory powers to force this agenda on the American people.

Set forth in section 216 of your Executive Order 14008 (“Order”) entitled “Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad” (86 Fed. Reg. 7,619 (Feb. 1, 2021)), the 30x30 initiative launched the largest unauthorized federal land grab our nation has ever faced.

Section 216 seeks to alter the management, use, ownership, and regulatory restrictions of at least 30 percent of lands and waters across the United States, an astounding 680 million acres. According to the Department of Interior’s Fact Sheet released the same day as your Executive Order, 12 percent of America’s land is already considered permanently protected. These areas include primarily Wilderness Areas, National and State Parks, National Monuments, and private lands with conservation easements in perpetuity.

These are not lands the American people have full use of to produce our nation’s food, fiber, minerals or energy. The majority of these lands are being mismanaged by the federal bureaucracy, causing extreme wildfire events that take lives and property, and require enormous taxpayer investments to restore. Ignoring these failures, blaming climate change, and launching a national conservation goal that would add another 400 million acres to this mismanagement crisis is unacceptable.

To date, your Administration has failed to be transparent with the American people about this agenda:

1. Failed to define publicly what you mean by “conservation,” the very act you claim is necessary to avoid a climate crisis.

2. Failed to disclose what level of restrictions and regulatory controls will be required for lands and waters to be considered protected.

3. Failed to consider the devastating economic and environmental harm this program will cause the American people, while restricting our ability to grow our nation’s food and supply our energy needs.

The National Environmental Policy Act requires you to robustly analyze and disclose to the public the impacts of this program prior to taking any action implementing the initiative. Nevertheless, your Administration has been using an all-encompassing federal government approach, utilizing every tool in the toolbox, to move 30 percent of our nation's lands and private property, into permanently protected status, without first complying with this environmental law.

America’s landowners, the people whose lands you are targeting through this program and whose rights you seek to diminish, oppose and reject your 30x30 land grab and demand you cease and desist all activities implementing this agenda.

America was founded on the constitutional principle that American citizens should own and control the land and natural resources of this nation for the purpose of retaining control of their representative government and protecting the individual liberties of every American.

The 30x30 initiative is not about conservation. It is about circumventing the American people and the rule of law in order to transfer control of American’s private property rights to environmental elites and the administrative state.

We call on you to immediately rescind section 216 of Executive Order 14008.


Associations | Organizations

Dan Byfield CEO, American Stewards of Liberty, TX

Margaret Byfield, Executive Director, American Stewards of Liberty, TX

Jackson Carter, Field Director, Sagebrush Rebellion PAC, WY

Angel Cushing, Western Region Property Rights Coalition, KS

James Duffey, President, New Mexico Wool Growers, Inc., NM

Theresa McMahan, Board Secretary, Protect The Harvest, IN

Loren Patterson, President, New Mexico Cattle Growers' Association, NM

Craig Rucker, President, CFACT, Washington D.C.

James Taylor, President, The Heartland Institute, IL

Jan Van Eman, President, Davis Mountains Trans-Pecos Heritage Association, TX

Elected Leaders | Federal, State, Local Officials

Lura Baker, Clerk, Custer County, ID

Ross Butcher, County Commissioner, Fergus County, MT

Wayne Butts, County Commissioner, Custer County, ID

Becky Norton-Dunlop, Assistant Secretary of Interior, 1988-1989, VA

Curtis Evans, Judge, Jeff Davis County, TX

Tina Hawkins, Deputy Clerk Custer County, ID

Ken Ivory, Utah State Representative, House of Representatives, UT

Steve Smith, Commissioner, Custer County, ID

Landowners | Citizens | Americans

Kem Allen, KG Farms, MT

Gail Allen, KG Farm, MT

Lee Anfinson, IA

John Bahr, KS

Stephen Alan, Bailey Principle/Owner, SR Bailey Farm LLC, TX

Fred Ballard, WY

William Beach, TX

Jim Bell, Bell Co-Owner, Bell Bacon Farms, MO

Susan Bertuccelli, NC

Mick Bohn, WY

Michael Braverman, TX

Jerald Campbell, American landowner, KS

Howard Charleboix, Major, USAF, Ret. KY

Tye Chesser, Ranch & Feedlot Operations Director, Clarendon College, TX

Braden Coleman, TX

George Conklin, MT

Donna Cook, President, Farmerlicious Inc., MT

David Copeland, KS

Susan Cundiff, FL

Bruce Desautels, Stratton, NE

Alan Douglass, Owner, The Douglass Company, CA

Sandra Dunning, MT

Kelie Dyer, J F Dyer Land & Cattle LLC, TX

Jim Dyer, Big Bend Trailers, TX

Doug Elbert, MN

Douglas & Janice A. Elbert, MN

Irene J Erdman, WA

Sally Espy, Manager Espy Family Ranches, LLC, LP, TX

William Fredericks, MA

Glenn Garland, TX

James Glowaski, KS

Lane Greer, ND

Zanna Grothaus, TX

Rae Grulkowski, MT

Carly Haack, TX

Asher Haack, TX

Quaid Haack, TX

Ernest V Haack, President, Spring Branch Water Well Service, TX

CJ Hadley, Editor RANGE Magazine, NV

Kathryn Hansen, Cascade County, MT

Vic Hart, Co-Owner, Vic and Laura Hart Farms, TX

Laura Hart, Co-Owner, Vic and Laura Hart Farms, TX

Jeff Haynes, Owner, Nevill Ranch, TX

Vic Horn, Alamo Basin Ranch, NM

Trey Jaack, President, Spring Branch Water Well Service, Inc, TX

Byard Kershaw, North Rim Consulting, LLC, UT

Michael Knox, MT

Linda Knox, MT

David Light, TX

Sharlo Lilly, MT

Donna Lundquist, MT

Steve Mabery, Broker Associate, Texas Ranch Sales, LLC TX

Judy Martens, Rancher, TX

Steven Mazzara, CA

Winfield R McAfee, TX

Locke Ann McIvor, TX

Scott and Julie McIvor, McIvor Ranch, TX

Mary McLemore, AL

Russ Miner, Owner, Miner Agricultural Consulting, MT

Barbara Norman, KS

Gene Nowell, Owner Hilltop Pipe and Steel LLC. TX

Kathryn Nowell, Owner Hilltop Livestock of Alpine. TX

Catharine O'Neill, CEO Meriwether Farms, WY

Vicky Ohara, Farmer, MT

Katherine Parker, Parker & Parker Cattle Co, TX

Hal Peek, AL

Terri Price, TX

Cynthia Quinlan, KS

Dawson Raub, TX

Darryl Raub, Rancher, TX

Rebecca Reindel, ND

Richard Ries, KS

Taylor Riggins

Steven Ruch, AR

Beth Salmans, KS

Michael J. Sampson, KS

Lacy Schniers, TX

Tina Schott, MT

William Shorma, Owner, Rush-Co., SD

Martha Snow, MT

Steve Snyder, Manager, Snyder Ranches, LLC, CO

Marilyn K Steffen, NM

John Stepnoski, KS

Anita Stevenson, MT

James R. Strawder, KS

Vicki Tallman, TX

Jessica Tate, Tate Insurance Associates, TX

Rick Tate, Tate Cattle Company, TX

Ben Terrill, KS

Cyn Thomas, Texas Ranch Sales LLC. TX

James Thompson, MT

Alexis Thompson, Real Estate Agent, Texas Ranch Sales, LLC. TX

Carol Van Keuren, MT

Annette Vanek, MT

Kenneth Viscuso, CA

Becca Vizza, Associate at Texas Ranch Sales LLC., TX

Jesse Wade, CO

Peter Waldner, Sec. Treasurer, Pleasant Valley Colony, MT

Caleb Waldner, Manager, Fairhaven Colony, MT

Ruth Wardell, MT

Jan Wenaas, MT

David Wendt, DVM, WA

Larry & Cheryl White, White Farms, KS

Mike L. Whitney, Pastor Calvary Chapel of Great Falls, MT

Mark Witham, Liberty Electric, Inc. MT

Kathy Wood, NE

Bill Yancey, President, Veterans Brand Beef, AR