Learn who is behind the 30 x 30 agenda

and how it is being implemented in America.

Progressive Left Roots

August 2019

The 30 x 30 Agenda, launched by the Center for American Progress.

September 2019

30 x 30 Resolution Filed in Congress by Senator Harris (now VP) & Rep. Haaland (now DOI Secretary)

June 2020

Senate Committee on Climate Crisis issues report with specific policy measures to implement 30 x 30.

Climate Crisis Executive Order

January 27, 2021

Executive Order 14008: Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad. Section 216 launches 30 x 30 as a key component of the Biden agenda.

January 27, 2021

Department of Interior Fact Sheet establishes the objectives for 30 x 30.

Immediate Action to Launch the Policy

February 11, 2021

Acting Secretary for DOI issues Sec. Order 3396, which rescinds 3388 that give states and local governments the ability to veto federal land acquisitions.

February 26, 2021

House passes H.R. 803, creating 1.5 million acres of Wilderness, withdrawing 1.2 million acres of rare earth minerals and other permanent land protections.  The White House endorsed the measure to help reach the 30 x 30 goal.

The 12% Already Protected

The U.S. Geological Survey has been tracking the protected status of our lands for many years through the Gap Analysis Project (GAP).  They categorize the land into four levels depending on the protected status.   

Gap 1, the dark green colored areas, are the most protected and include National Parks and Wilderness areas.  

Gap 2 (the next darkest green color) includes lands considered permanently protected, such as conservation easements in perpetuity on private lands. 

 Gap 3 (lightest green color) are largely federal lands that are productively used.  

Gap 4, (light grey) are areas with no federal, state or land trust conservation protection.  These are largely private lands, where American grow a significant amount of our nation's food and fiber.  

The Rebranding - The Great Misdirect

The Biden Administration's implementation plan for 30 x 30, released May of 2021.  It calls on Americans to conserve and restore our lands, but fails to explain what they considered to be "conserved" lands.  It's a new marketing plan to rebrand the 30 x 30 land grab into something they hope Americans will buy into.

Read our analysis of the report and learn why it is a "Great Misdirect," using conservation to control land.

International Agenda

This report attempts to set a scientific basis for the 30 x 30 agenda.

The "Half Earth" agenda launched by E.O Wilson seeks to permanently protect 50 percent of the world's lands and oceans in their natural state.

September 22, 2021, the IUCN World Conservation Congress Adopted Resolution 101, the 30 x 30 agenda. But this resolution also calls on all nations to work towards protecting 70 percent of the worlds lands.